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Sandy Skatepark: Review & Tips – Skateboarding in Bedfordshire, U.K

Hey there, skate enthusiasts! I’m here to give you an overview of one of my favorite spots to shred – Sandy Skatepark. Not only will I be sharing some cool details about this place, but I’ll also be telling you about my personal experience here. So, get ready to learn and vibe with me!


Sandy Skatepark is an outdoor metal skatepark located in the Sunderland Road Recreation Ground in the charming town of Sandy, Bedfordshire. The skatepark is set on a tarmac base and offers skaters a mini ramp and two rails to practice their skills on. Although the park previously had a launch box and a ledge, situated between a quarter pipe and a flat bank, these have been removed.

Skateboarders of all levels are welcome to use the skatepark, and the best part is that it’s always open and completely free to access. So, whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to perfect your tricks, this is the perfect place to do it.

The park’s location is particularly noteworthy, as it is situated within the Sunderland Road Recreation Ground. This means that in addition to skating, visitors can also take a leisurely stroll, play some sports or have a picnic with friends and family. Plus, the park’s serene surroundings provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for skaters to unwind and enjoy their hobby.

To get to the skatepark, simply head to the town of Sandy and make your way to Sunderland Road Recreation Ground, located on Medusa Way. The park’s address is SG19 1TH. Once there, you’ll be able to easily spot the skatepark’s metal structure and start practicing your moves in no time.

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Overall, Sandy Skatepark is a fantastic spot for anyone looking to enjoy some outdoor skating in a relaxed and welcoming environment. So grab your board, head on over and get ready to shred!

My Experience

I hit up Sandy Skatepark last week and had a blast! Located within Sunderland Road Recreation Ground, this metal skatepark on a tarmac base had a mini ramp and two rails that kept me entertained for hours. Although the park previously included an additional launch box and ledge in-between a quarter pipe and flat bank, it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me that they had been removed.

The mini ramp was definitely the highlight for me. It was smooth and just the right size for my skill level. I also appreciated the fact that there was plenty of space to move around and try out different tricks without feeling crowded. The rails were a nice touch too; I’m not the best at grinding yet, but they definitely helped me work on my balance and form.

One thing to note is that the park can get pretty busy, especially on weekends. I went on a weekday afternoon and it was relatively quiet, but I can see how it might be harder to get some alone time on the mini ramp during peak times. That being said, everyone I encountered was friendly and respectful of each other’s space.

The park itself is in decent condition, although it’s clear that it’s been around for a little while. Some of the edges on the ramp were a bit rough and could use some sanding down, but overall it was nothing that impacted my experience negatively.

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Overall, I had a great time at Sandy Skatepark and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun spot to practice their skills. It’s not the biggest or fanciest park out there, but it gets the job done and has a laid-back, chill vibe that I really appreciated. If you’re in the area, be sure to give it a try!

The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sandy Skatepark

  • Completely free and always open to skaters of all levels
  • A serene location within the picturesque Sunderland Road Recreation Ground
  • A mini ramp and two rails for skaters to practice their skills on
  • A great place to combine skating with leisurely strolls, sports, and picnics
  • A metal structure that stands out and is easy to spot within the park

Open hours & Location

  • Opening Times : Always open
  • Sunderland Road Recreation Ground, Medusa Way, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1TH 

Sandy Skatepark – FAQ’s

1. What are the facilities available at Sandy Skatepark?
Answer: Sandy Skatepark offers skaters a mini ramp and two rails to practice their skills on. However, the launch box and ledge that were previously present between a quarter pipe and a flat bank have been removed.

2. Is Sandy Skatepark free to access?
Answer: Yes, Sandy Skatepark is always open and completely free to access for skateboarders of all levels.

3. What other activities can visitors enjoy at the Sunderland Road Recreation Ground?
Answer: Visitors to Sunderland Road Recreation Ground can take a leisurely stroll, play some sports or have a picnic with friends and family along with skating at the Sandy Skatepark.

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4. How do I get to Sandy Skatepark?
Answer: To get to Sandy Skatepark, head to the town of Sandy and make your way to Sunderland Road Recreation Ground, located on Medusa Way. The park’s address is SG19 1TH. The skatepark’s metal structure is easily spotted once you reach there.

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