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Millenium Skatepark: Review & Tips – Skateboarding in Shropshire, U.K

Yo, what’s up fellow skaters and skate enthusiasts! Today’s post is all about the Millenium Skatepark – a spot that holds a special place in my heart. I’ll be giving you an overview of this sick skatepark, along with my personal experience shredding it up here. So grab your decks, wheels, and pads, and let’s get rolling!


Discover the Thrill of Skateboarding at Millenium Skatepark

Located in the heart of Telford, Shropshire, Millenium Skatepark is a must-visit destination for any skateboarding enthusiast. This small yet mighty skatepark boasts a range of obstacles that are perfect for both beginners and advanced skaters.

As you enter the park, you’ll be greeted by a mini-ramp that curves round to create a quarter-pipe ramp. This is a great spot for those who are just starting out or for those who want to practice their ramp skills before moving onto more challenging obstacles.

Once you’ve warmed up on the mini-ramp, head over to the main skatepark area where you’ll find a spine, hip, and ledge. These obstacles are perfect for practicing tricks and honing your skills. And for those who love catching air, there’s an angled quarter-pipe ramp on the other side of the skatepark.

One of the best things about Millenium Skatepark is that it’s always open and completely free to use. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you can drop in at any time and enjoy the park’s concrete landscape.

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Located outdoors, Millenium Skatepark is the perfect spot for enjoying the sun and fresh air while perfecting your skateboarding skills. The park’s address is Skylark View, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 5BR.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your skateboard and head down to Millenium Skatepark for an afternoon of fun and adrenaline-pumping action. With a range of obstacles to test your skills, this skatepark is sure to become your new favorite spot. Don’t forget to bring your friends and show off your best moves!

My Experience

My Experience at Millenium Skatepark with My Brother

Last month, my brother and I decided to check out Millenium Skatepark. Being avid skateboarders, we were excited to hit the concrete park and see what it had to offer.

The park itself is relatively small, but it packs a punch with its unique features. The mini-ramp is perfect for beginners, and the quarter-pipe ramp leading to the main area is a great challenge for more seasoned skaters. My brother and I both enjoyed practicing our tricks on the spine, hip, and ledge.

One thing that stood out to us was the quality of the concrete. It was smooth and clean, making it easy to skate on. We also appreciated the fact that the park was well-maintained, with no debris or garbage littering the area.

While we were there, we noticed that the park wasn’t too busy. There were a few other skaters there, but it wasn’t overcrowded, which was nice. It gave us the opportunity to practice our moves without worrying about bumping into other people.

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The only downside to Millenium Skatepark is its size. As I mentioned earlier, it is relatively small, which means that there aren’t as many features as some of the larger parks in the area. However, we still had a great time skating and trying out new things.

Overall, my experience at Millenium Skatepark was positive. It’s a great place for skaters of all skill levels to come and practice their moves. The quality of the concrete and the well-maintained park make it a must-visit for anyone in the area. If you’re looking for a small but challenging skatepark, Millenium Skatepark is the place to go!

The Top Features of Millenium Skatepark

  • Free and Open Access
  • Perfect for Skaters of All Levels
  • Variety of Obstacles for Trick Practice
  • Outdoor Setting for Sun and Fresh Air

Open hours & Location

  • Opening Times : Always open
  • Skylark View, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 5BR 

Millenium Skatepark – FAQ’s

1. What are the opening hours of Millenium Skatepark?
– Millenium Skatepark is always open and free to use, so you can drop in at any time.

2. What kind of obstacles are available at Millenium Skatepark?
– Millenium Skatepark boasts a mini-ramp, quarter-pipe ramp, spine, hip, ledge, and angled quarter-pipe ramp.

3. Is Millenium Skatepark suitable for beginners?
– Yes, the mini-ramp and other obstacles are perfect for beginners to practice their skills.

4. Where is Millenium Skatepark located?
– Millenium Skatepark is located at Skylark View, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 5BR, in the heart of Telford.

In conclusion, Millenium Skatepark is the perfect spot for skaters looking for a chill session. This small concrete park offers a mini-ramp, quarter-pipe ramp, spine, hip, and ledge. The design is smooth and natural, allowing for a cool tone skate experience. As always, we encourage you to keep a healthy and sporty lifestyle. Skating is not only a fun activity, but it also keeps us active and healthy. And don’t forget, as Tony Hawk once said, “The more you do something, the better you get. It’s all in the repetition.” So keep skating and keep progressing! If you’re looking for more skatepark experiences, check out our other articles. And remember, feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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