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Gobions Park Skatepark: Review & Tips – Skateboarding in Essex, U.K

Hey there, fellow skaters and enthusiasts! Today’s post is all about the Gobions Park Skatepark – a spot that I hold near and dear to my heart. I’m excited to share with you an overview of this awesome skatepark and my personal experience shredding it up there. So, get ready to hear all about the cool features, tricks, and vibes of this sick spot!


Gobions Park Skatepark: A Revamped Haven for Skateboarders

Gobions Park Skatepark in East Tilbury, Essex has undergone an incredible transformation, and now offers a spectacular concrete back and forth run for skateboarders of all levels. Situated at Princess Margaret Road, the park’s revamped layout boasts two roll-in ramps at one end, while the other end features quarter-pipe ramps for those who prefer a challenging fast-paced ride.

Skateboarders can also take advantage of the funbox, curved rail and ramp, and spine attached to one corner of the skatepark. The park offers a seamless transition from the main area to the half-pipe, which sits at the other corner of the skatepark, enabling riders to switch between areas with ease.

Gobions Park Skatepark is open 24/7, and the best part is – it’s completely free! The outdoors location is perfect for those who want to take in some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and challenge themselves to new heights with their skateboarding skills.

The newly designed skatepark has already become a go-to destination for skateboarders in the area, thanks to its smooth and well-tailored concrete layout. The ride at the park is non-stop, and skateboarders can spend hours perfecting their tricks and techniques.

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Gobions Park Skatepark’s address is RM18 8NT, making it easily accessible to visitors from all parts of the town. With a friendly and chill atmosphere, skateboarders can embrace their passion and share their love for the sport with other like-minded individuals.

In summary, if you’re looking for a new and exciting skateboarding experience, Gobions Park Skatepark is the perfect place to be! The park’s seamless layout, open surroundings, and free entry make it an ideal location for skateboarders of all levels. So pack your board, grab your friends, and head on down to this revamped haven for skateboarders!

My Experience

Gobions Park Skatepark Review: A Concrete Playground for Skaters

Are you a skater looking for a new spot to shred? Look no further than Gobions Park Skatepark! This recently revamped concrete playground is the perfect place to show off your skills and improve your technique.

One of the best things about this skatepark is its layout. The back and forth run is designed with two roll-in ramps at one end and quarter-pipe ramps at the other. The spine, funbox, curved rail and ramp add variety to the park and make it more challenging for skaters of all levels. And if you’re into half-pipes, you’re in luck! The skatepark features a well-designed one that seamlessly connects to the main area.

But what really makes Gobions Park Skatepark stand out is its smooth transition. With the way the park is laid out, it’s easy to move from one ramp to the next without losing momentum. This allows for a more fluid and enjoyable skate experience.

Another great thing about this skatepark is its location. Tucked away in Gobions Open Space, it offers a peaceful and scenic environment to skate in. Plus, there’s plenty of space to sit and watch other skaters or take a break between runs.

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Overall, Gobions Park Skatepark is a fantastic spot for skaters of all levels. Its well-designed layout, smooth transition, and peaceful location make for an enjoyable and exciting skate experience. So grab your board and head on over to this concrete playground – you won’t be disappointed! It’s a must-visit destination for any skater in the area.

The Top 5 Tricks to Try at Gobions Park Skatepark

If you’re planning to visit Gobions Park Skatepark, take note of these cool tricks you can try while you’re there!

  • Rock to Fakie on the quarter-pipe ramps
  • Manual across the funbox
  • 50-50 grind on the curved rail
  • Air out of the half-pipe
  • Smith grind on the spine

These tricks are perfect for skateboarders who are starting to master the basics but are still looking for a challenge. Remember to always wear protective gear and practice safety first!

Gobions Park Skatepark offers a variety of features that cater to every skateboarder’s skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s always something to try and learn at this awesome skatepark. So go ahead and try these tricks, and who knows, you might just discover a new favorite move!

Open hours & Location

  • Opening Times : Always open
  • Priory Chase, Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 9NF 

Gobions Park Skatepark – FAQ’s

1. What are the opening hours of Gobions Park Skatepark?
Answer: Gobions Park Skatepark is open 24/7, providing skateboarders with the flexibility to visit at any time of the day or night.

2. What features does Gobions Park Skatepark offer for skateboarders?
Answer: Gobions Park Skatepark provides a newly designed concrete layout with two roll-in ramps, quarter-pipe ramps, funbox, curved rail and ramp, spine, and half-pipe, catering to skateboarders of all levels.

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3. Is there an entry fee to access Gobions Park Skatepark?
Answer: No, Gobions Park Skatepark is completely free for visitors, allowing skateboarders to hone their skills without any financial burden.

4. Where is Gobions Park Skatepark located?
Answer: Gobions Park Skatepark is situated at Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury, Essex, with the address RM18 8NT, making it easily accessible to visitors from all parts of the town.

We hope you found this review of Gobions Park Skatepark helpful. If you’re interested in reading more about other skateparks, make sure to check out our other content. Don’t forget, you can always leave any questions or comments you may have. Also, follow us on our social networks like Instagram and Twitter for more skateboarding content! Remember, safety is key when it comes to skating. Always be careful and never attempt tricks beyond your skill level. Thanks for reading, and stay shredding! Keep on skating and enjoy the ride!

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